Basra reed warbler breeds in Israel again

This is a video about birds in the Hula valley in Israel.

From Wildlife Extra:

Basra Reed Warbler breeding in Israel

This year at least two pairs of Basra Reed Warblers have returned to the Hula Valley, Israel to breed. The species’ known breeding range is restricted to the marshes of southeast Iraq, and possibly also southwest Iran. It migrates through Israel and winters in Eastern Africa.

The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) categorizes the Basra Reed Warbler as Globally Endangered. …

The first occurrence of this species potentially breeding in Israel was recorded last year, representing the first indication of breeding of this Globally Endangered species outside of the Basra Marshes in Iraq. In July 2006, four Basra Reed Warblers were trapped, ringed and released on a private Fish Ponds located several kilometers northeast of the Agmon Lake within the Hula Valley.

On May 8th 2007 we recaptured three of the four Basra Reed Warblers that we ringed last year at the same site. Together with a newly captured adult we have a total of four adults at the site. It is remarkable that all three adults ringed last year returned to the same site after probably spending the winter in East Africa. On 8 June at least two family groups with at least one fledgling each were observed during surveys conducted within the same area and on June 19 three males and a female with an active brood patch were recaptured. Given these two years’ data, we now assume that this species is indeed breeding within this site. We are also working to protect this area that is located on a privately owned fish farm.

Iraq marshes face grave new threat: here.

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