Cormorant on a castle, butterflies on brambles

In this video, a red admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) emerges from its chrysalis and expands its wings, in time-lapse.

Today, to the nature reserve.

On a small patch with flowering brambles, four butterfly species: green-veined white female; large white female; a red admiral; and speckled wood.

Across the eastern meadow: barn swallows.

On the meadow: grey heron; hares.

In the water: great crested grebe.

In plants on the bank: comma butterfly. About a meter to the left: another speckled wood.

Still further, the third white butterfly of today: a female small white.

On the highest point of the castle sits a great cormorant.

A young blue-tailed damselfly; dragonflies flying past.

At least five red admirals and a comma near a big tree.

A stock dove high in a tree.

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