US fish research in Atlantic Ocean

This video is called Sand Tilefish Identification.

In the depths of the Mergui Archipelago, in the Andaman islands of India, tilefish use their mouths to build enormous mounds of dead coral. When threatened, the fish dive head first into the rubble. This species remains undescried by scientists and has been provisionally named Hoplolatilus hopei, or Hope’s tilefish.

From the NOAA in the USA:

A high-tech hunt for deep-sea fish habitat off the Georgia coast begins June 25 as the NOAA Research Vessel Nancy Foster takes researchers east into deep waters near Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

Researchers will use high-resolution multibeam and side-scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles equipped with video cameras to map habitat for economically important fish such as tilefish, snowy grouper, red grouper, gray triggerfish, wreckfish, and red bream.

Reef fish recovery: here.

Triggerfish operation in London aquarium: here.

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