US soldier accused of torture in Afghanistan

This video is Part 1 of 5 of a conversation about detainment, torture, and civil liberties, via videoconference from the U.K. with Moazzam Begg, author of “Enemy Combatant, My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar [both in Afghanistan].” Recorded November 12, 2006 at Mount Holyoke College in the USA.

From Reuters:

Wolfgang Bauer, a correspondent with the German magazine Focus, reported this month that along with a magazine photographer he witnessed an incident by U.S. and Afghan soldiers he believed amounted to torture.

Focus reported that during a search of a village for Taliban fighters, a patrol apprehended a suspect in a house in Ghazni, southwest of Kabul.

When the suspect refused to talk, the magazine said, an Afghan platoon leader tied one end of a rope to the suspect’s foot and the other to a vehicle and then threatened to drag the man unless he told the truth.

Focus reported that the platoon leader then had an American soldier start the motor. The magazine printed a picture of what it said was the prisoner tied to the vehicle, with a soldier standing nearby.

After idling for two minutes, the vehicle’s motor was shut off. The man was not dragged, the magazine reported, and the suspect was set free.

The U.S. soldier, a “fighter against terrorism, is suddenly, according to international law, a criminal,” Bauer wrote.

Additionally, the article said that family members of the suspect were threatened.

“U.S. military officials have initiated an investigation in response to an article,” the U.S. military said. …

Many former detainees have made allegations of mistreatment or torture while in detention and there have also been a number of unexplained deaths.

NATO and civilian deaths in Afghanistan: here.

80% of Poles: get troops out of Afghanistan.

Discussion in Germany on Afghanistan: here.

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