USA, Rice says Iraq occupation first, diplomacy a poor second

This video is about the largest United States embassy in the world, being built in Baghdad, Iraq.

Built by slave labour from Africa and Asia; workers lyingly told by the bosses they could get good jobs in Kuwait.

And who then, when the plane lands, find out too late they are from now on slaves in Iraq, where the bullets and bombs fly around.

The majority of Iraqi workers are now unemployed under the occupation.

There are surely skilled construction workers among those unemployed.

But the Bush administration does not want to employ them, as it fears about the feelings of those Iraqi workers about their so called “liberators”. While the Iraq war, after the lies on WMD and supposed 9/11 links fell flat, was supposed to be about “liberating” people like those workers …

From the Washington Post in the USA:

Rice Orders That Diplomatic Jobs in Iraq Be Filled First

By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 21, 2007; Page A11

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ordered this week that U.S. diplomatic positions in Iraq must be filled before any other State Department openings in Washington or overseas are made available, raising the possibility that soon the agency will be forced to order its employees to serve in Iraq.

“It is my fervent hope that we will continue to see sufficient numbers of Foreign Service and Civil Service employees volunteering for Iraq service, but we must be prepared to meet our requirements in any eventuality,” Rice said in a message to employees.

The move to fill Iraq jobs first, which Rice called “unprecedented” in the cable, represents a further tightening of the rules for filling jobs at the State Department because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last summer, Rice ordered that hardship posts — including those in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots — should be filled before other jobs.

Rice’s message was sent more than two weeks after Ryan C. Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, sent her a cable with an urgent plea for more and better staffers. “Simply put, we cannot do the nation’s most important work if we do not have the Department’s best people,” Crocker said in a May 31 cable disclosed by The Washington Post this week. …

Many of the slots will be transferred from work that is ending, such as reconstruction projects.

As, basically, there never was real reconstruction in occupied Iraq.

Just construction of more jails than under Saddam Hussein, segregation walls, and the megalomaniac US colonial administration building embassy in Baghdad, built with slave labour.

Apparently, some US diplomats prefer real diplomacy in other countries to occupation in Iraq; and the Bush administration now wants to force them to do the latter.

UK government and torture in Iraq: here.

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