Two-headed rat snake dies in the USA

This is a video of a two headed snake.

From KNBC in the USA:

Aquarium’s 2-Headed Snake Dies At 8

The 8-year-old rat snake died of natural causes during the weekend. Experts said most two-headed snakes survive for only a week or two.

More than 1 million people have seen “We” over the years. Children were especially fascinated by the snake, wondering how two heads could coexist on the same body.

“We” sometimes strained to slither in two directions at once.

Born with both male and female genitalia, “We” was bought from a snake breeder in Indiana for $15,000 when the reptile was just a few weeks old.

A taxidermist is preserving the snake’s body, which should be back on display within a week.

See also here.

Vietnam seizes ratsnakes from Bangkok flight: here.

4 thoughts on “Two-headed rat snake dies in the USA

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