Blair was not welcome in Libya

This video is called Butchering Iraq – Bush and Blair‘s Crusade.

From the Tripoli Post in Libya, by columnist Mahmoud Al-Bousaifi:

WHAT did Tony Blair carry with him in his quiver for the Libyans? Why did he choose to visit Libya before his forced outing from 10 Downing Street? Personally, I do not exactly know what he wanted by coming here.

However, I do totally know that his visit was popularly unwelcome, or it was so at least among those segments of the society who closely follow the impact of his policies on the Arab homeland and the extent of the heinous crime in which he personally took part and committed against this homeland.

Blair was not only kicked out as Prime Minister but his party also forced him to abandon its leadership and to disappear from a political life in which his presence constituted a dilemma, especially at foreign policy level, that has proved to be rather costly at all levels as acknowledged by London’s ruling cliques.

Did Blair come over as an agent for arms dealers? Or did he come here to promote his rotten merchandise to defend his position in the killing of a million Iraqis and forcing four millions more to be refugees?

Iraqi refugee women: here.

From The Scotsman, on Lockerbie and Libya: here. See also here.

In 1986 Ronald Reagan bombed Libya from British bases with Thatcher’s backing: here.

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