France: Sarkozy receives extreme Rightist Le Pen

This video from the European Parliament is called Le Pen honour forestalled.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Le Pen at the President’s for the first time ever

In France, the extreme Rightist leader Le Pen has been received by the President for the first time ever. President Sarkozy in this breaks with the policies of his predecessors Chirac and Mitterrand.

The conservative Chirac and the socialist Mitterrand both refused to receive Le Pen at the Elysee palace. Why Sarkozy, also a conservative, does it now, is unclear. The Front National of Le Pen at this month’s elections disappeared from parliament.

Sarkozy consulted Le Pen about the coming European union summit. The socialists and Greens have much criticism of this meeting.

The German blogosphere are not happy about this meeting.

Contrary to the excuse which Mitterrand and Chirac might have used, but didn’t: Sarkozy does not even have the excuse that Le Pen’s party is represented in Parliament.

Maybe Sarkozy thought: if I am friends with Italian neo-fascist Fini, I can be friends with his French colleague Le Pen as well.

Le Pen and Dutch far Right politician Wilders: here.

German neo-nazis: here.

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