Exxon proposes to burn human climate change victims as fuel

This comic video is about how ExxonMobil funds junk science, wrecks the Arctic Refuge, and spills oil on endangered wildlife.

From Leftnews in Canada:


Posted by tracy on June 19th, 2007

Imposters posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC) representatives delivered an outrageous keynote speech to 300 oilmen at GO-EXPO, Canada’s largest oil conference, held at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, today.

GO-EXPO statement

About the Alberta oil sands

About liquid coal

Well, one can see these orators were not really ExxonMobil. As ExxonMobil subsidizes climate change deniers, so, presumably, believes them.

So, there never could be any climate change victims to burn …

7 thoughts on “Exxon proposes to burn human climate change victims as fuel

  1. Email message from the Yes Men: “One day after the Yes Men made a joke announcement that ExxonMobil plans to turn billions of climate-change victims into a brand-new fuel called Vivoleum, the Yes Men’s upstream internet service provider shut down Vivoleum.com, the Yes Men’s spoof website, and cut off the Yes Men’s email service, in reaction to a complaint whose source they will not identify. The provider, Broadview Networks, also made the Yes Men remove all mention of Exxon from TheYesMen.org before they’d restore the Yes Men’s email service.

    The Yes Men assume the complainant was Exxon. ‘Since parody is protected under US law, Exxon must think that people seeing the site will think Vivoleum’s a real Exxon product, not just a parody,’ said Yes Man Mike Bonanno. ‘Exxon’s policies do already contribute to 150,000 climate-change related deaths each year,’ added Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum. ‘So maybe it really is credible. What a resource!’

    After receiving the complaint June 15, Broadview added a ‘filter’ that disabled the Vivoleum.com IP address (, and furthermore prevented email from being sent from the Yes Men’s primary IP address ( Even after all Exxon logos were removed from both sites and a disclaimer was placed on Vivoleum.com on Tuesday, Broadview would still not remove the filter. (The disclaimer read: ‘Although Vivoleum is not a real ExxonMobil program, it might as well be.’)

    Broadview did restore both IPs on Wednesday, after the Vivoleum.com website was completely disabled and all mention of Exxon was removed from TheYesMen.org.”


  2. Aug 7, 2:03 PM EDT

    Gore: Polluters manipulate climate info

    Associated Press Writer
    AP Photo
    AP Photo/Wong Maye-e
    World Video
    Click to learn more…
    Buy AP Photo Reprints

    Climate Change Threatening Historic Sites?
    Carbon Emissions by State
    Living Near Rising Sea Levels
    Disappearing Mauritania
    Climate Changes Threatens Species
    Scientists Get Creative to Battle Climate Change
    Africa Out of Balance
    IPCC Report on Climate Change – Adaptation and Vulnerability (PDF)
    IPCC Report on Climate Change – Physical Impact (PDF)
    Population Density in Eastern U.S. (PDF)
    Related Stories
    Gore: Polluters manipulate climate info

    Bush seeks discussion of climate change

    Climate deal talks gain global support

    Senators map new plan for climate bill

    Panel recommends climate change market

    SINGAPORE (AP) — Former Vice President Al Gore said Tuesday that some of the world’s largest energy companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp., are funding research aimed at disputing the scientific consensus on global warming as part of a campaign to mislead the public.

    ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, rejected the allegation.

    “There has been an organized campaign, financed to the tune of about $10 million a year from some of the largest carbon polluters, to create the impression that there is disagreement in the scientific community” about global warming, Gore said at a forum in Singapore. “In actuality, there is very little disagreement.”

    “This is one of the strongest of scientific consensus views in the history of science,” Gore said. “We live in a world where what used to be called propaganda now has a major role to play in shaping public opinion.”

    Gore likened the campaign to that of the millions of dollars spent by U.S. tobacco companies years ago on creating the appearance of uncertainty and debate within the scientific community on the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes.

    “Some of the tobacco companies spent millions of dollars to create the appearance that there was disagreement on the science. And some of the large coal and utility companies and the largest oil company, ExxonMobil, have been involved in doing that exact same thing for the last several years,” Gore said.

    After the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made up of the world’s top climate scientists, released a report in February that warned the cause of global warming is “very likely” man-made, “the deniers offered a bounty of $10,000 for each article disputing the consensus that people could crank out and get published somewhere,” Gore said.

    “They’re trying to manipulate opinion and they are taking us for fools,” he said.

    Last year, British and American science advocacy groups accused ExxonMobil of funding groups that undermine the scientific consensus on climate change. The company said the scientists’ reports were just attempts to smear ExxonMobil’s name and confuse the debate.

    ExxonMobil spokesman Gantt Walton said Tuesday that the company’s financial support for scientific reports did not mean it influenced the outcome of those studies. ExxonMobil believes the risk that greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change warrants taking action to limit them, he said.

    “The recycling of this type of discredited conspiracy theory diverts attention from the real challenge at hand: how to provide the energy needed to improve global living standards while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

    Gore said that with growing awareness of climate change, the world will see an acceleration in efforts to fight the problem, and urged businesses to recognize that reducing carbon emissions is in their long-term interest.

    But while Washington should lead by example, he said developing nations also have to play a part.

    “Countries like China, just to give an example, which will next year be the largest emitter in the world, can’t be excluded just because it’s technically a developing country,” Gore said. “When you look at the absolute amount of CO2 each year and going forward, China will soon surpass the U.S.”

    As its economy expands, China faces an increased risk from the effects of climate change and must find ways to leapfrog old, polluting technologies in ways that can maintain growth, Gore said.

    In June, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said China overtook the United States in carbon dioxide emissions by about 7.5 percent in 2006. China was 2 percent below the U.S. in greenhouse gas emissions in 2005, the agency said.

    © 2007 The Associated Press.


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