US general Taguba says Abu Ghraib torture was Rumsfeld, not a few ‘bad apples’

This video is the trailer of the film Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, about prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

By Joe Kay:

Former US general confirms high-level knowledge of Abu Ghraib torture

19 June 2007

Former US Major General Antonio Taguba, who headed the first military investigation into torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, has now alleged that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top officials were aware of abuse at the Iraqi prison months before it was made public in late April 2004. According to Taguba, the torture at Abu Ghraib arose from a policy promoted by Rumsfeld and the Bush administration.

Taguba’s statements, in an interview conducted by veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, appear in the June 25 issue of the New Yorker magazine. The interview is also available online.

In the conversations with Hersh, Taguba also asserts that he was forced out of his position in the military because of his role in investigating torture in Iraq and his reluctance to lie to help cover up for the administration.

Speaking of the Abu Ghraib abuse, Taguba remarked, “From what I know, troops just don’t take it upon themselves to initiate what they did without any form of knowledge of the higher-ups.”

See also here.

Green light for Iraqi prison abuse came right from the top: here.

Death penalty in Iraq: here.

41 thoughts on “US general Taguba says Abu Ghraib torture was Rumsfeld, not a few ‘bad apples’

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