UK: the Tony Blair-Gordon Brown conflicts

This is a video of Tony Blair covering “Should I stay or should I go“, by the Clash, with Gordon Brown & David Cameron (2 blokes vying for Tony’s gig).

From British daily The Guardian:

Sack the chancellor. Cherie Blair‘s repeated advice to her husband

· War between No 10 and No 11 exposed
· Brown said to be obsessed
· Friends of Blair speak out

Patrick Wintour, political editor

Tuesday June 19, 2007

Cherie Blair repeatedly urged her husband to sack Gordon Brown as she became incensed by his behaviour towards the prime minister, a family friend of the Blairs has disclosed.

Barry Cox, who has known the couple for 30 years, said that while the relationship between Mr Blair and his chancellor had been strained since the mid-1990s, the prime minister finally began to believe the worst of his successor during his final year in office.

Update: here.

And here.

Brown and trade unions: here.

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