UK: Blair knew Bush had no post-war plan for Iraq

This video is about an Iraq Veterans Against the War demonstration in New York City, USA.

A taste of reality brought to the home turf.

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From British weekly The Observer:

Blair knew US had no post-war plan for Iraq

· PM committed troops despite chaos fears
· Bush ‘offered to fight without UK’

Nicholas Watt, political editor
Sunday June 17, 2007

Tony Blair agreed to commit British troops to battle in Iraq in the full knowledge that Washington had failed to make adequate preparations for the postwar reconstruction of the country.

In a devastating account of the chaotic preparations for the war, which comes as Blair enters his final full week in Downing Street, key No 10 aides and friends of Blair have revealed the Prime Minister repeatedly and unsuccessfully raised his concerns with the White House.

He also agreed to commit troops to the conflict even though President George Bush had personally said Britain could help ‘some other way’.

The disclosures, in a two-part Channel 4 documentary about Blair’s decade in Downing Street, will raise questions about Blair’s public assurances at the time of the war in 2003 that he was satisfied with the post-war planning.

In one of the most significant interviews in the programme, Peter Mandelson says that the Prime Minister knew the preparations were inadequate but said he was powerless to do more.

The Bush administration did have a plan … gathering all those flowers ‘grateful’ Iraqis would supposedly throw at the invading troops

From the Independent on Sunday in Britain:

A bloody epitaph to Blair’s war

The death of a hotel receptionist in British custody was first reported by the IoS.

In the week that the Law Lords ruled that the Human Rights Act applies to Iraqis in British custody, Andrew Johnston reveals the shocking witness statements that shed new light on a dark chapter in an illegal war.

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6 thoughts on “UK: Blair knew Bush had no post-war plan for Iraq

  1. ‘Britain feared US would “nuke” Afghanistan’

    London, June 18: Britain joined the United States’ invasion to oust the Taleban in 2001 because it feared America would ”nuke the shit” out of Afghanistan, the former British ambassador to Washington reportedly told a television documentary to be screened on Saturday.

    In comments printed in advance in the Daily Mirror tabloid on Monday, Christopher Meyer said that fear explained why Prime Minister Tony Blair chose to stand with US President George W. Bush in his decision to invade Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to temper his aggressive battle plans.

    “Blair’s real concern was that there would be quote unquote “a knee-jerk reaction’ by the Americans they would go thundering off and nuke the shit out of the place without thinking straight,” Meyer reported told the documentary, according to the Mirror.

    In other excerpts of the documentary, printed in The Observer newspaper on Sunday, members of Blair’s inner circle said the prime minister agreed to commit troops to the March 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq despite believing that the United States had failed to prepare adequately for post-war reconstruction.

    Channel 4 will air the first part of “The Rise and Fall of Tony Blair” on Saturday.



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