In French elections, setback for Sarkozy

This video says about itself:

Steel workers protest near Sarkozy HQ

15 March 2012

French steel workers have tried to deliver a noisy message to Nicolas Sarkozy‘s campaign headquarters in Paris.

They were protesting about the possible closure of their ArcellorMittal plant. Police used teargas to disperse them.

In the French parliamentary elections of today, pundits were predicting a landslide victory for the UMP, the party of recently elected Rightist President Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, the reality tonight differs from the pundits’ predictions.

The ex-Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister Alain Juppé, has lost his seat, and has resigned from Sarkozy’s government.

The UMP, instead of sweeping to an over two thirds majority as predicted, has actually lost scores of parliamentary seats to the Left opposition, though they are still the majority party.

BBC report: the UMP lost 45 seats.

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3 thoughts on “In French elections, setback for Sarkozy

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