Scottish Parliament says No to Trident nuclear weapons

This video shows that on 24th February 2007 60,000 people marched through the streets of London in protest at the UK Governments policies on Iraq, Iran and nuclear weapons.

The country wants Troops out of Iraq, no attack on Iran and no new nuclear weapons in the UK.

We want our taxes spent on education and health care not supporting in the US in empire building and using the UK as a nuclear missile silo.

We do not want a replacement for Trident nuclear weapons which the UK hasn’t even got control over.

We do not want to support George Bush’s plan to invade Iran.

All audio and video was recorded during the demonstration in London. ‘War’ was performed live by Ugly Rumours. Speeches by Mark Thomas and George Galloway. The protest was organised by the Stop The War Coalition, CND and the BMI.

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in Britain:

The Scottish Parliament last night voted to reject the £25 billion replacement for the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Although defence and foreign affairs are the responsibility of Westminster, MSPs voted by 71 votes to 16 with 39 abstentions, to call on the British Government not to go ahead with a new missile system. …

Four Labour MSPs voted with the SNP, Lib Dems and Greens, and the rest abstained.

Significantly, not one Labour member of the Scottish Parliament voted for the nuclear weapons plans of Blair and Brown; only the Conservatives did.

Update November 2007: here.

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