220 million-year-old gliding reptile discovered in the USA

This is a video of a flying lizard of today.

From Biology News Net:

The fossilized bones of a previously unknown, 220 million-year-old long-necked, gliding reptile may remain forever embedded in stone, but thanks to an industrial-size CT scanner at Penn State’s Center for Quantitative Imaging, the bone structure and behavior of these small creatures are now known.

The new gliding reptile is named Mecistrotrachelos apeoros meaning “soaring, long-necked” and was found at the Solite Quarry that straddles the Virginia-North Carolina border [in the USA].

The researchers report in today’s (June 12) issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology that the “new specimens are embedded in a hard dolomitized dark gray, silty mudstone, and only faint impressions of the bones can be seen at the surface.

Repeated attempts to remove the matrix using both mechanical and chemical techniques have been unsuccessful.” …

Gliding behavior evolved several times in reptiles and is present in the Indonesian reptile Draco.

See also here.

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Draco beccanii photo: here.

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