US forces kill 7 Afghan police, 3 civilians

This video is called Afghan Woman Loses 8 Family Members (by a US bomb).

From Reuters:

Afghans say 7 police killed in U.S.-led strike

Tue 12 Jun 2007, 5:10 GMT

By Noor Rahman

JALALABAD, Afghanistan – U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan mistakenly killed seven policemen in an air strike after Afghan forces came under attack from the Taliban and asked for help, a provincial official said on Tuesday. …

Separately, NATO forces killed three Afghans in the eastern province of Kunar on Monday after a car in which they were travelling failed to halt at a check-point despite being told to stop and the firing of a warning shot, NATO said.

Two Afghans were wounded in the firing.

Residents of the area protested against the incident, the latest in a string of civilian casualties caused by foreign troops.

More than 120 Afghan civilians have been killed by foreign forces in recent months, according to government officials and residents.

Civilian casualties are particularly problematical for President Hamid Karzai, already facing widespread resentment among the public over Taliban attacks, lack of development and growing corruption.

CNN: eight Afghan police died.

From the Pakistan Times on the Kunar province case:

“After receiving fire, the vehicle injured a 10-year-old boy,” it [NATO statement] added.

Residents in the area said separately that the casualties were school students aged 14 to 16 traveling in a passenger car.

5 thoughts on “US forces kill 7 Afghan police, 3 civilians

  1. Canada wants the Netherlands to extend mission in Afghanistan beyond 2008

    Associated Press

    2007-06-12 11:26 AM

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Dutch counterpart discussed extending the Netherlands’ mission in Afghanistan beyond 2008, Harper said.

    Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende told Harper during a meeting in Ottawa on Monday that his government will decide in August whether to extend the troops’ two-year mandate.

    The Netherlands has nearly 2,000 troops on a reconstruction mission in southern Afghanistan and Canada has about 2,500 soldiers there.

    Canada is concerned that it, along with those from the U.S., Britain and the Netherlands, are the only NATO countries sending forces to fight the Taliban in the most violent areas in the south. Other NATO-contributing countries, such as Germany, France and Italy, restrict the use of their forces to relatively peaceful areas of the north.

    “The Prime Minister was clear to me on his feelings on the matter and the process by which the Netherlands will take its decisions this summer,” Harper said.

    “We share similar considerations, similar evaluations and similar concerns. I obviously will not pressure the Prime Minister publicly, but I’ll just say we have valued tremendously the cooperation with the Netherlands in southern Afghanistan.”

    Harper has repeatedly hinted that Canadian troops may have to stay in Afghanistan beyond a mandate that ends in 2009.

    But Canadians have become increasingly concerned about the mission in Afghanistan because of a mounting death toll and reports that troops might be an accomplice to torture. Harper’s Conservatives have lost some support according to recent polls.

    Fifty-seven Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have been killed thus far in Afghanistan. Opposition lawmakers have been pushing for a troop withdrawal.

    Balkenende said the two leaders discussed the need for other NATO partners to do more in the south.

    “We can’t allow it to become a failed state again,” said Balkenende, who also called for a larger Afghan army and police force.

    Balkenende said he will consult closely with Canada before his government decides whether to stay on.

    “We are close partners in the south. I expressed my deep sympathy for the loss of 56 Canadians lives in Afghanistan. Your grief touches us too,” Balkenende said.

    Six Dutch soldiers have died in Afghanistan since the government sent troops to Uruzgan last August. One died from a roadside bomb, three died in aviation accidents, another in an armored car crash and another in an apparent suicide.


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