UK: Brown blows hot and cold on Blair’s Iraq war

This video with music is called Bush and Blair singing for Iraq war; at the gay bar; with Arab subtitles.

From British daily The Morning Star, on Gordon Brown’s visit to Iraq:

Mouthing platitudes

(Monday 11 June 2007)

PRIME Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown is trying to face both ways over the Iraq war.

On the one hand, he insists that “I take responsibility” for the Cabinet decision to commit British troops to the invasion.

On the other, his reference to wanting to “see all security and intelligence analysis independent of the political process” is an attempt to pin the so-called “dodgy dossier” on Tony Blair.

Mr Brown also claims to have visited Iraq “to listen, to learn, to assess what’s happening,” but his conclusions have already been set in stone.

These are that there will be no inquiry into the murky means by which new Labour inveigled our country into aligning itself with the White House to carry out this war crime and that there will be no withdrawal of British troops until Washington gives the OK for it.

2 thoughts on “UK: Brown blows hot and cold on Blair’s Iraq war

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