UK: Blair afraid of parliamentary debate on Iraq war

This video is of a London protest against the war in Iraq, in Parliament Square, by Brian Haw and others.

From British daily The Independent:

Prime Minister to avoid crucial debate in the Commons

By Marie Woolf, Terri Judd and Rachel Shields

Published: 10 June 2007

Tony Blair is to come under renewed pressure over Iraq during his final days in office, with the Tories planning to force a vote in the House of Commons tomorrow on a full inquiry into the invasion and occupation.

The Prime Minister will shun the debate, according to Downing Street sources – sparking accusations he is afraid to deal with criticism and is treating MPs with contempt.

With the British death toll in Iraq now standing at 150, David Cameron, the Tory leader, will highlight the need for an inquiry and will demand a vote that threatens to divide the Labour Party.

Whips fear Labour MPs may vote with the Tories to force a formal investigation into the lead-up to the war and the violence that followed the invasion.

The last time there was a vote on an inquiry, in October last year, only 12 Labour MPs voted against the Government.

But the candidates for Labour’s deputy leadership have said they want an inquiry, which could open the way for other Labour MPs to break ranks.

Cartoon on Labour deputy leadership contest: here.

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