Scots celebrate getting rid of Tony Blair

This video is called Blair/Bush Lovesong.

From the National Post in Canada:

Blair’s retirement gives Scottish festival quartet something to sing about


Published: Friday, June 08, 2007

Tony Blair will get some help from Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival this year as he heads into retirement after 10 years as British Prime Minister.

The festival, which runs Aug. 5-27, will feature a musical in which the audience joins Mr. Blair, his successor Gordon Brown and U.S. President George W. Bush together with a barber shop quartet for “There ain’t no Party like a Labour Party.”

Another musical deals with ASBOs, the government’s anti-social behaviour orders for unruly youth.

“You’ve got ASBOs, the Musical, but also you’ve got something called American Poodle, a not particularly complimentary exploration of the special relationship [between Messrs. Blair and Bush],” said director Paul Gudgin.

“There are, I think, a huge number of shows which are both funny.”

2 thoughts on “Scots celebrate getting rid of Tony Blair

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