George W. Bush sculpture in Belgium

This video is called Paul McCarthy – Mechanical George Bush/Pig.

This video shows the sculptures of US artist Paul McCarthy in Middelheim open air museum in Belgium.

From Belgian blog Antwerpendoordelensandersgezien:

George Bush Jr. in Middelheim [Belgian open air sculpture museum] …

Together with a gigantic [dog] turd and a giant penis, apparently G.W. Bush Jr. is also present in the Middelheim open air museum … well, just his head ….

This inflatable sculpture of Bush’s severed head (see photo also here) is part of an exhibition by United States sculptor Paul McCarthy.

The exhibition is called AIR BORN.

Paul McCarthy would have much trouble if he tried showing all of that work in his own country.

His work is often seen as ‘pop art’.

3 thoughts on “George W. Bush sculpture in Belgium

  1. Hi Kitty, Almost thirty years ago, back in my punk rock days, my friends and I started an organization called “Concerned Citizens Against Art”. We were mostly looking to disrupt just this sort of well funded, officially approved, ‘rebellious’ art. Ooh how very daring: A garden gnome holding a butt plug. Let’s see if this long sharp needle doesn’t improve it…


  2. Hi Jon, I doubt whether in the present USA, Paul McCarthy would be able to exhibit an inflatable severed head of George W. Bush without problems. Possibly, some higher up would construe that as “support for terrorism” blah blah blah blah. Other artists have similar problems with such themes.


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