US Republican presidential candidates back nuclear strike against Iran

Will Bush bomb Iran, cartoon

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

Republican presidential candidates back nuclear strike against Iran

7 June 2007

Nine of ten candidates for the Republican presidential nomination explicitly or tacitly supported a US attack on Iran using nuclear weapons, in response to a question at Tuesday night’s nationally televised debate in New Hampshire.

Despite the extraordinary character of these declarations—giving support to the first use of nuclear weapons in war since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 62 years ago—there was virtually no US press coverage of these remarks and no commentary on their significance.

While the Republican candidates sought to present the military action as a limited one against Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons facilities, calling them “tactical nuclear strikes,” no one should misunderstand what this means.

The use of nuclear weapons, in whatever form, against a densely populated country of 75 million would be an act of mass murder.

These comments reflect the derangement and depravity of considerable sections of a ruling elite which believes it must make a “success” of its occupation of Iraq, even if it requires “doubling its bet” and attacking another major country in the Middle East —one which is three times larger than Iraq and with a long history of struggle for independence and against colonial-style rule.

The initial exchange came about half an hour into the debate, which was broadcast on CNN and moderated by CNN anchorman Wolf Blitzer.

Republicans, Blacks, Hispanics; by Cornel West: here.

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