Poetry in the Spotted Cow again

De Bonte Koe

On the afternoon of 3 June, there was poetry in De Bonte Koe (the Spotted Cow) pub again.

This time, Jaap Montagne was the presenter.

His predecessor, Pink Meltzer, was one of the poets on stage.

Her poems included one about onions, and one in English.

Then Aad van der Kraan, about jackdaws.

After a pause, Agatha Dekkers from Alkmaar.

Then, Gusta Aangeenbrug, whose poems included one on mass dismissal of workers.

The work of the next poet, Han Ruijgrok, included a poem against Ms Mei Li Vos.

This member of the Right wing of the Dutch social democrat party parliamentary group had attacked elderly workers.

In a pause, Melle Stoel played banjo.

Then, Brigit Weezepoel, with global warming and other themes.

Then, Paul Delfgauw.

Then, Raymond van Es, with a poem on ancient Egypt and others.

Then, Frans Terken.

Finally, poems by yours truly, about painting.

3 thoughts on “Poetry in the Spotted Cow again

  1. Is the American poet, Edward Sanders, known in Europe? He might be my favorite modern poet. He’s not very well known in this country. Even though he continues to be very active in writing and publishing, he is generally dismissed as a minor, late period, Beat poet.

    Glad to hear about your poetic activities. I had a chance to talk about poetry at the religious/social event I attended tonight. I was talking about William Blake (MY BIG HERO) and the surrealist notion of the poetic imagination.


  2. That’s him. The publisher is located in the town where I live. Sanders was a Beat who became a hippy. He was one of the founders of the Yippies. His epic poem on the history of the United States is a great read. He also wrote an epic poetic biography of his friend, Allen Ginsberg. He’s written several novels. My favorite is “Tales of Beatnik Glory”, a collection of autobiographical stories, mostly set in New York in the ’50’s and ’60’s. He also wrote one non fiction book on Charles Manson and his followers. The latter is a popular book and has brought Sanders a lot of money, but it is unpopular in some circles, because he points out Manson’s many connections to various hip show business personalities of the ’60’s. The pop view of Manson is that he represented “hippies gone wrong”. Sanders see Manson as a sociopathic product of the penile system and the narcissism of Hollywood. Interesting writer.


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