UK: police destroy tape of Prince Harry enjoying killing animals

This video is about Prince Harry’s racist remark Paki in 2009.

From Big News Network:

Video showing Prince Harry whopping over hunting trip destroyed


London, June 3 : Undisclosed video footage, said to be showing Prince Harry whooping with joy while watching wild animals being gunned down on a hunting trip, has been detained and destroyed by police.

Palace assistants were horror-struck when the outrageous footage of the royal, filmed during a trip to a ranch on his gap year tour, vanished from a royal bodyguard’s car.

The Palace officials were scared that the sight of Harry hopping around with excitement over a hunting expedition would be viewed as “extremely distasteful” if made public.

But the lost tape, which had been taken by a woman, employed by Scotland Yard to sweep the royal car for bugs, was recovered by cops, who raided her home after a getting a hint.

The woman allegedly told them that she had taken some supervision apparatus, including the tape, to spy on neighbours, who she claimed were harassing her.

The woman, who worked for a secret technical team used by the Yard, was not busted but was dismissed and the tape destroyed.

A Yard spokesman said that officers from the Directorate of Professional Standards arrested her.

“She was bailed and a decision was later made to deal with the matter through the internal disciplinary process.

She is now appealing against her dismissal,” the News of the World quoted a Yard spokesman, as saying.

Clarence House declined to comment on the video.

If the British police consider Prince Harry’s behaviour “extremely distasteful”; then, why don’t they do something against that behaviour, instead of against the recording of it?

It reminds me somewhat of George W. Bush’s ex Secretary of ‘Defence’, Donald Rumsfeld, who thought the video tape of US ‘interrogators’ in Abu Ghraib in Iraq, committing ‘rape and murder’ sexually torturing children was ‘blatantly sadistic’.

And, instead of doing something against that blatantly sadistic behaviour, Rumsfeld then prevented the evidence of it becoming public.

Prince Harry, if he enjoys humans being killed as much as animals, will not be able to show that in Iraq.

British authorities think Iraq is safe enough for non royal soldiers, but not for Prince Harry.

There is talk of him going to Afghanistan … maybe not in his nazi uniform.

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