Allosaurus against stegosaur, video

This video is about a confrontation between the carnivorous dinosaur allosaurus and a stegosaurus (somewhat like in this video, but graphically different).

Dacentrurus and other stegosaurs: here.

Video on dinosaur extinction, and text on dinosaurs in Germany: here.

For decades, popular articles and books claimed that the armor-plated Stegosaurus and the biggest of the sauropod dinosaurs had second brains in their rumps. These dinosaurs, it was said, could reason “a posteriori” thanks to the extra mass of tissue. It was a cute idea, but a totally wrong hypothesis that actually underscores a different dinosaur mystery: here.

10 thoughts on “Allosaurus against stegosaur, video

  1. This is walking with dinos,from the bbc,good serie as well als the walking with beasts sequel…
    Must see
    Do you know the “quest for fire “an old 1981 prehistorical fiction(taken from a boek) From JJ annaud
    Anthony Burgess and Desmond Morris
    It is french and it is call “la guerre du feu ”
    They even invent a language for the film
    Take a look at it it is ok….


  2. ‘Dinosaur hunter’ from Va. makes big find

    Associated Press – July 31, 2007 5:45 PM ET

    A Spotsylvania County dinosaur hunter has made a big find in the Wyoming desert.

    Bob Simon spends time every summer in Wyoming looking for fossils that are around 145 million years old.

    Simon has even left his job as a petroleum geologist and founded Dinosaur Safaris.

    From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the 51-year-old and a core group of volunteers search a tiny section of the Morrison Formation. The layer of sedimentary rock that stretches through 1.5 million acres of the American West.

    His company leased digging rights on Red Canyon Ranch, and he has worked the site each summer since 1999.

    And Simon and the volunteers have made some big finds. They’ve found a 70% complete skeleton of a camptosaurus and have started excavating the remains of a diplodocus.

    Simon also has found some teeth of a torvosaurus, a rare predator of the Jurassic period.

    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.


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