UK: military families will wave Blair ‘buh-bye’ as he leaves office, 27 June London

This video is a message to the British troops serving in Iraq from Scottish peace campaigner Rose Gentle, who lost her son Gordon in Basra, July 2004.

In it she talks of her campaign for better equipment for the protection of troops and for British forces to be withdrawn from Iraq.

Rose makes an appeal for serving soldiers and their families to sign our Troops Out petition.

From Military families Against the War in Britain:

Wave Tony Blair goodbye as he leaves office!

Thursday, 31 May 2007

“On the 27th of June I will be in London to say bye bye to Tony Blair.

If any military families can come please let me know – and bring the biggest photo you have of your loved one.

The more military families we have the more our next prime minister will see we are not happy.

Let our photos be the last thing Blair sees when he leaves number 10.”

Rose Gentle

Wednesday 27th June London Outside No. 10

All military families are invited to attend with a picture of your loved ones.

You don’t have to have anyone serving at present, just being part of a military family is fine.

If you can attend please do so and bring someone with you if you can.

The more we have there the stronger we’ll be and hopefully TB won’t be leaving on a high!

7 thoughts on “UK: military families will wave Blair ‘buh-bye’ as he leaves office, 27 June London

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