Dam project in Uganda will destroy Nile falls

This is a video of rafting on the White Nile near Bujagali Falls in Uganda.

From British daily The Guardian:

White water torrent to die as nation gambles on huge Nile dam project

Climate change fears dampen hopes of power from tourist attraction

Xan Rice in Bujagali Falls

Thursday May 31, 2007

Six miles north of Lake Victoria, the Nile awakens, exploding into a cauldron of white water known as the Bujagali Falls.

Offering some of the world’s most spectacular rafting, it is one of Uganda’s top attractions.

Soon it will be destroyed.

After 13 years of seeing plans delayed by corruption allegations, financial strife, obdurate spirits and opposition from environmental groups, Uganda last week authorised an international consortium to begin a 30-metre-high dam across the Nile just below Bujagali Falls.

The $800m (£400m) hydropower project – the biggest-ever foreign investment in east Africa – will flood the rapids and, according to critics, leave the country dangerously exposed to an energy crisis if predictions of global warming are realised.

But the government and the World Bank, which is backing the project with $360m in loans and guarantees, insist that it is crucial to the country’s development.

Waki river in Uganda: here.

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