Visitors to this blog, at various times of the day

GlobeAs I noted before, geographical distribution of the visitors of this blog changes much, depending on the time of the day.

While some 10 hours ago, visits from the USA were over half of total visits, now they are just 15%.

Now, the top four countries where visitors to this blog come from, are:

73 15.27% United States
69 14.44% United Kingdom
47 9.83% Australia
43 9.00% Netherlands

All visitors welcome.

Especially the visitors whom I noted from countries like Somalia and Iraq, suffering from occupation and war.

UPDATE: an hour later, US visitors, due to the position of the earth to the sun, had dropped even further as a share of total visitors.

The top 7 countries then were:

20.62% United Kingdom
57 11.75% Netherlands
56 11.55% United States
42 8.66% Australia
21 4.33% Germany
18 3.71% Italy
16 3.30% India

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