Over 10,000 visits to this blog in a day

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The StatCounter which I put on this blog site yesterday afternoon, has already recorded more than 10,000 visits.


U.S., Australia war games may hurt whales

This video is called: Lethal Sounds: Deadly Sonar Harms Whales. It says about itself:

Deafeningly loud sonar is a proven danger to marine life, but its use throughout the world’s oceans is spreading.

This powerful movie, brought to you by the Natural Resources Defense Council and narrated by Pierce Brosnan, shows what sonar does to whales caught within its range, and explains how whales, dolphins and other marine animals can be protected from deadly sonar.

Reuters reports:

CANBERRA – Military exercises planned by Australia and the United States next month off the Australian coast could result in large-scale whale deaths or injuries, the International Whaling Commission said.

Powerful warship sonars could also cause widespread whale beachings, the commission’s Scientific Committee said in a report released at this week’s IWC meeting in Alaska.

The report, released as Japan leads a push to overturn a global moratorium on whaling, urged both Australian and U.S. military chiefs to take action to prevent the exercises causing “injurious or lethal effects” among whales.

More than 120 military aircraft, tanks and 30 warships, including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines will take part in the Talisman Sabre exercise.

Held every two years, the exercise will involve about 7,500 Australian soldiers and 20,000 U.S. marines and sailors in Queensland state. …

Environmental and peace activists are planning demonstrations during the June 18-24 exercises with a “Peace Convergence” on the training area.

Update July 2009: here.

Update June 2011: here.

United States wars damage the environment: here.

Visitors to this blog, at various times of the day

GlobeAs I noted before, geographical distribution of the visitors of this blog changes much, depending on the time of the day.

While some 10 hours ago, visits from the USA were over half of total visits, now they are just 15%.

Now, the top four countries where visitors to this blog come from, are:

73 15.27% United States
69 14.44% United Kingdom
47 9.83% Australia
43 9.00% Netherlands

All visitors welcome.

Especially the visitors whom I noted from countries like Somalia and Iraq, suffering from occupation and war.

UPDATE: an hour later, US visitors, due to the position of the earth to the sun, had dropped even further as a share of total visitors.

The top 7 countries then were:

20.62% United Kingdom
57 11.75% Netherlands
56 11.55% United States
42 8.66% Australia
21 4.33% Germany
18 3.71% Italy
16 3.30% India