Torture by British soldiers in Iraq

This video is about US troops and torture in Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

From The Observer in Britain:

Army must come clean on torture in Iraq, say MPs

‘Stark inconsistencies’ emerged in evidence about the death of an Iraqi detainee. Now the MoD is being pressed for answers

Jamie Doward, home affairs editor

Sunday May 27, 2007

An influential committee of MPs is demanding that the Ministry of Defence urgently explains what, it claims, are ‘stark inconsistencies’ over the army’s use of interrogation techniques in Iraq.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has written to the MoD asking it to reconcile what appear to be glaring differences between the department’s official line on what is permissible and evidence given at the recent court martial of seven British soldiers.

The court martial into the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa, who died after sustaining 93 separate injuries, heard evidence that senior British officers in Iraq sanctioned the ‘conditioning’ of prisoners, which included the use of hooding and forcing detainees to stand for hours in stressful positions.

The MoD, however, told the joint committee during its recent inquiry into the UK’s compliance with the UN Convention Against Torture that the use of hooding and stress positioning for the purpose of interrogation has been prohibited since 1972.

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Gang rape in British army: here.

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