Czechs rally against US radar base plans

No US radar in the Czech Republic, signFrom Al Jazeera:

Czechs rally against US radar base

Czechs have protested in Prague against US plans to locate a radar base in their country as part of an American anti-missile shield.

Organisers of Saturday’s “No Base” demonstration said nearly 2,000 people took part in the protest against the plan, which is backed by the government of Mirek Topolanek, the Czech prime minister.

“We want a national referendum, before we reply to the US request,” said Josef Hala, the mayor of Jince, the town 60km from Prague where the radar base would be built. …

“We are fighting a David and Goliath battle,” said Jan Tamas, one of the demonstration’s organisers.

“After a year we can see that the government ignores public opinion and all arguments against the base.

We must call for their dismissal,” he said, prompting chants of “dismiss, dismiss”, from the crowd.

“No American base in the Czech Republic”, “We do not want US occupiers and their radar”, read some of the banners at the protest.

Several hundred people from the towns and villages nearby were bussed into Prague to take part in the protest, organisers said. …

Topolanek has argued that the base forms a pert of the country’s development following the withdrawl of the last Russian troops in the country in 1991.

“We should be active elements in political security,” he said at a news conference following a meeting of party leaders.

But polls have shown around two-thirds of Czech opposed the US base.

Anti Bush demonstration in Prague: here.

Ex Czech President Havel and his new play: here.

5 thoughts on “Czechs rally against US radar base plans

  1. US radar base is a provacation and can cause a new initiative for mass waponproduction worldwide. I’m asking when they will
    start with the promises to do something with the debt situation of Afrika? Lies, nothing else than lies they are telling us.
    A worldwide protest will not stop those terrorists. Stop the worldwide globalisation of economy and let’s start with new
    economic iniatives on small level.


  2. Majority of Poles against U.S. shield plan: poll
    Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:12AM EDT

    WARSAW (Reuters) – More than half of Poles oppose the location of part of a U.S. anti-missile shield on Polish soil, a poll showed on Tuesday, a day after the Polish president said the project was a foregone conclusion.

    Pollster CBOS said 55 percent of those surveyed opposed the anti-missile shield plans, while 28 percent had no objections.

    Washington wants to place up to 10 ground-based interceptor missiles in northern Poland and a radar facility in the Czech Republic to protect against attacks from what it calls “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea.

    President Lech Kaczynski said on Monday during a visit to the United States that locating elements of the shield in Poland was largely a “foregone conclusion”, despite the fact that the plans have angered neighboring Russia.

    Kaczynski expressed confidence over the proposed system, although Poland has held off on a formal agreement to host it and has pressed for concessions on issues such as related military contracts.

    The Czech Republic has already agreed to the radar site.

    The Polish parliament must approve the plan to host the missile interceptors before the project can go forward.

    Securing parliamentary approval could be difficult, however, as one of the ruling coalition’s junior partners, the far-right League of Polish Families (LPR), opposes the shield plan.

    An opposition party, the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), has said the Polish government’s tentative agreement to the project, without revealing what Poland would get in return, demonstrates “a disregard for public opinion and Parliament”.

    “Poland has agreed on the anti-missile shield location without negotiating,” SLD deputy Jolanta Szymanek was quoted as saying by PAP news agency.


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