US soldiers react to blogging ban

Internet censorship, cartoon

For those US soldiers in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere who are bloggers, unlike for civilian bloggers in Britain and elsewhere, the issue now is not really being dismissed from their jobs for blogging.

As that may not even happen if they’re badly injured.

Their issue is having to stop blogging:

A statement from the U.S. Army said the policy is also intended to protect soldiers on the battlefield.

But Colby Buzzell, author of the 2007 Lulu Blooker Prize-winning book My War: Killing Time In Iraq, fears the updated policy could silence soldiers. He said he was “shocked” by the news.

Buzzell told if the same policy had been in place during his tour in Iraq, he wouldn’t have been able to write the blog which his book is based on.

“There’s no way in hell I’d be able to blog now,” Buzzell said. “What I liked about blogging was the anonymity of it–how no one knows who you are. But now you have to get it approved by the chain of command and that’s too much of a hassle for me.”

Buzzell also said he’s suspicious that the policy was updated for more reasons than soldier safety.

“They want to control what information gets reported to the people back home,” Buzzell said. “Its somewhat hard to censor blogs and the quick fix solution is to not allow them.”

US Iraq war veterans in psychological problems: here.

Bush bans photos of injured soldiers: here.

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