UK: Blair’s lies on Iraq hurt other politicians

This video is about Tony Blair.

From Peter Collins, in the South Wales Echo:

Blair effect hits trust in politicians

May 26 2007

PARENTS and pupils at Cowbridge Comprehensive School are – yes, you’ve guessed it – incandescent with rage.

The rat-infested school is falling down.

Yet, despite a firm assurance by Vale councillors that a replacement school will be built, the parents and pupils do not believe them.

This is a striking example of the total lack of trust ordinary people have in their elected politicians which has festered and grown during the Blair years.

Since Blair “lied” about Iraq few are prepared to accept what any politician says at face value.

This is worrying for democracy.

Mr Collins should have kept the “” signs out of his sentence on Blair’s lies, as the untruthfulness of Blair is well established.

Blair’s successor Gordon Brown, and the Iraq war: see cartoons here.

Gordon Brown and Iran: here.

Blairite ‘New Labour’ ‘values’ and class: here.

Alastair Campbell, spin doctor of Blair, and his (self-)censored diaries: here.

Some ultra right kooks still say today that Iraq did have WMD; like some other kooks believe the moon is made of cheese.

8 thoughts on “UK: Blair’s lies on Iraq hurt other politicians

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