USA: tracks of baby stegosaurs in Denver?

This video is about a stegosaurus vs. a carnivorous dinosaur.

Associated Press reports:

Researcher: Stegosaur Babies Made Tracks


Associated Press Writer

MORRISON, Colo. – Researcher Matt Mossbrucker believes four small dinosaur tracks found within sight of the skyscrapers of downtown Denver were made by two stegosaur babies, a find he says would be “incredibly rare.”

Some other researchers agree the tracks were left by stegosaur toddlers, but still others have their doubts.

Mossbrucker, director of the Morrison Natural History Museum, said the half-dollar-size tracks were discovered in the foothills just west of Denver last year, but it took time and digging for him to conclude they were made by stegosaur babies.

The tracks, reported this week by The Denver Post, were found not far from the site where the first known stegosaur bones were unearthed 130 years ago.

Little is known about stegosaurs except that they were plant-eaters and grew to weigh about six tons.

Because their feet were relatively small, their tracks are hard to find, and as a result little is known about how quickly they grew, how long they lived and how they survived as well as they did in a time and place where plants were scarce.

Baby footprints, combined with the bones and another adult imprint already at the Morrison museum, could help answer some of those questions.

See also here.

Theme song today, about another vegetarian baby dinosaur: Denver the last dinosaur.

Stegosaurus song video: here.

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