Ugandan government suspends plan to destroy Mabira forest

This video shows the grey crowned crane, the national bird of Uganda.

Reuters reports:

Uganda Shelves Plan to Give Rainforest to Cane Farm

UGANDA: May 23, 2007

KAMPALA – Uganda’s cabinet has suspended a proposal to give away part of a rainforest to a sugarcane grower, the environment minister said on Tuesday, weeks after three people were killed in a protest against the plan.

President Yoweri Museveni has faced vocal opposition over the plan to raze 7,100 hectares (17,540 acres) of Mabira Forest, a nature reserve since 1932, and give the land to the privately-owned Mehta Group’s sugar estate.

Environment minister Maria Mutagamba told Reuters the government had shelved it, pending a cabinet committee study.

“There is a suspension until the committee reports back,” Mutagamba said. “It is an extensive process — it is not going to be finished in a week or a month.” …

Critics say razing part of Mabira would destroy a fragile environment — drying up rainfall, threatening a watershed for streams that feed Lake Victoria and removing a buffer against pollution of it from Uganda’s two biggest industrial towns.

It also threatened species like rare monkeys and the prized Tit Hylia bird — found only in Mabira and surrounding forests.

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