Poetry and music in the theater, 22 May


On 22 May, poetry and music in the theatre.

Eric van Hoof, poet and local poetry slam organizer, was first on stage, starting with a long poem with the first lines about a train.

Martijn Boele from Arnhem is an author, poet, musician and comedian.

This was his second time ever of reading his poetry on stage.

Then, yours truly, about Antarctica.

La Dolce Musica consisted of members of Collegium Musicum, the Leiden University Students Choir and Orchestra.

They were four women on string instruments.

There were also a capella singers, two men, two women.

The total was seven people; as one of the singers was also the cello player.

Their first song was Barbara Ann, best known by the Beach Boys (but originally by The Regents).

Then, Bernadette Gallis, Siebe Postma and Sam van Bochove were supposed to have played.

However, Bernadette had changed her plans to herself on vocals (which she did surprisingly well considering she had a cold) and piano, and Melchior Groeneveld on guitar.

Their songs included one by Jacques Brel; from seventeenth century Spain; and a boogie which Berrnadette had written when she was eight years old.

Also, a poem by Boudewijn Büch dedicated to her, to which she had written music.

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