Great spotted woodpecker and red deer

Great spotted woodpeckerVery close to the city centre in The Hague in The Netherlands is a forest, on ancient sand dune ground.

It is a remnant of a big forest, all the way from The Hague to Haarlem, in the Middle Ages.

By far most of that forest is gone now.

However, in The Hague the “Haagse Bos” stayed; as it was a hunting ground of the counts, later: the stadhouders, of Holland; still later: the kings of The Netherlands; comfortably close to their castles and palaces.

Since in 1899 Staatsbosbeheer was founded, it manages the Haagse Bos.

If one walks to it from the central railway station, first one passes a fenced part called the Koekamp.

There are various birds there: Canada geese, Egyptian geese, coots, moorhens, great crested grebes.

I note two bar headed geese.

Also, mammals: a group of red deer, a group of fallow deer, many rabbits.

A bit further, the real forest begins, with many interesting trees, flowers, and birds.

I see a great tit nest, in a hole in a tree, very close to the ground.

Most young great tits in this forest grow up higher in trees, like in the many nest boxes.

There are also young in a great spotted woodpecker nest.

Their parents come to feed them.

A grey heron, a species which nests in this forest, along a pond.

Fallow and red deer in Britain: here.

Red deer released onto Surrey heathland to restore ecosystems: here.

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