Gordon Brown’s vision for a nuclear Britain

Nuclear energy, cartoonFrom British weekly The Observer:

Brown‘s vision for a nuclear Britain

· Chancellor faces backlash over energy …

Nicholas Watt, Oliver Morgan and Robin McKie

Sunday May 20, 2007

Gordon Brown is to face down sceptics in his party and give the go-ahead for a new generation of nuclear power stations, which will be built across the country.

In a move immediately condemned by environmental organisations, the Prime Minister-elect will give the green light to the plans that will show that he is backing Tony Blair’s support of the nuclear industry.

Boosted by a new poll, which shows Brown pulling ahead of David Cameron on the issue of competence to run the country, the Chancellor will signal his support this week for a dramatic renewal of the nuclear power programme that will see the building of up to eight new stations, possibly within 15 years. …

Greenpeace last night condemned his plans. A spokesman said: ‘Reaching for nuclear power to solve climate change is like taking up smoking to lose weight.

Is it a simple answer? Yes. Is it an effective answer to the climate change crisis? Absolutely not.’

Brown was given a taste of a potential rebellion by his own MPs last night when a former environment minister expressed unease.

Elliot Morley, the MP for Scunthorpe, said: ‘Nuclear may or may not have a role to play in the new energy mix.

My worry is that this will direct resources and investment away from new low-carbon technology, growth in renewables and energy efficiency.

I am not sure nuclear is the best investment at this moment.’

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