Blair in Iraq, a shameful colonialist policy

Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon

By Sonia Chopra in India Daily:

Attack on green zone and Basra civil war during Blair’s farewell visit to Iraq signifies end of a failed and shameful policy of colonialism

May 19, 2007

In Basra there is no law and order.

The British forces are getting ready to withdraw. …

When Mr. Blair was in the green zone in Baghdad, mortar shells from the Iraqi insurgents were creating havoc. …

Mr. Blair’s departure from office leaves UK in the eye of the world as a colonial power ready to cooperate with American right wing to grab power in the developing world.

It is a shame for Mr. Blair and the UK because fundamentally they do not represent the ugly side of racism and colonialism.

But no one knows why both went along with the Americans.

The same question can be asked to Japanese, South Korean and East European Governments.

Al-Queda operatives in Iraq are not welcome. Iraqis do not like them.

Sunni insurgency has survived. Still in inner quarters of Sunni Iraq, Saddam is respected.

He was the butcher of Baghdad. He deserves no respect in the world.

But what the Americans and British did is more deplorable.

Changing regimes because an American President and his family do not like a leader in the Middle East – well history will only judge the outcome.

But one thing is for certain; the image of America from the Second World War has been tarnished permanently.

Juan Cole on this: here.

Torture by British soldiers in Iraq: here.

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