Canadian painter Emily Carr

This is a video about Emily Carr.

By Lee Parsons in Canada:

Emily Carr: Painter, writer … symbol

14 May 2007

Emily Carr: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon, at the Art Gallery of Ontario (until 20 May 2007), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (21 June-23 September 2007), the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta (25 October 2007-26 January 2008)

“More than most dead artists, Carr has acted as a mirror for the projection of others”—John O’Brian

The current touring exhibition of the work of Emily Carr (1871-1945) is the fourth retrospective since her death and offers the opportunity for a new generation to consider the work and legacy of an artist who has likely inspired more literature and scholarly attention than any other in this country.

Known for her paintings of British Columbia’s rainforest and its Indian villages, and in particular, for her extraordinary images of totem poles, she later garnered acclaim for her autobiographical and fictional writing.

According to one account, Carr “has been the subject of countless scholarly articles, several biographies, at least five art historical books, four documentary films, a handful of plays, a musical, a ballet, an opera, poetry, songs, and even a puppet show.”

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