Left election victory in Bremen, Germany

Bremen in Germany

From Lenin’s Tomb blog in Britain:

Boost for Left Party in German state election.

According to Bloomberg, the results of today’s elections in Bremen reflect a big slump in the votes for the two main parties, the SPD and the CDU.

The state has been run by a CDU-SPD coalition for twelve years, both parties pushing neoliberal pro-business policies in a union dominated by the SPD.

The SPD vote sank 6% in this election to 36.2%, while the CDU lost 4% of the vote, declining to 25.7%. Third place were the Greens, who had increased their vote by 4% to 16.5%.

However, the big surprise was the extremely good showing for the new left-alliance, Die Linke, (comprising the Left Party, PDS and WASG).

According to these projections, they got 8.9% of the vote, a strong showing which will certainly win them some seats in the local state parliament – the first time it (or its constituent parties) has ever gained representation in the west of Germany.

On June 16 this year, Die Linke will be formally launched as a new party, and these results bode exceptionally well for it.

This is only the first time that the Left party, or one of its constituent parties, gained representation in the west of Germany at state level.

As certainly the PDS did win local council seats before in west Germany.

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