Second day of art and poetry in Haarlem

Canada gooseAfter the first day of art and poetry in Haarlem, as described here, the second day today.

As I went to the railway station, first a sow-bug.

Then, a lesser black-backed gull on a lamppost.

From the train, two Canada geese, on the opposite side of the railway track than yesterday.

A mute swan.

In Haarlem, at the exhibition place for this weekend of Sjet Daverveldt and Ronnie Helder, where I read my poems yesterday, I meet the sculptor Marjon Drijver.

I go to where her work is this weekend, in the same place as the paintings of Marieke Ratsma.

Usually, their work is in the northern part of Haarlem.

Marieke Ratsma gets much inspiration from water plants, and likes the botanical garden in Amsterdam.

Marjon Drijver works in soapstone, both harder types from Africa, and softer types from China.

It depends: if she wants to have many details in the sculpture, then soft soapstone is preferable.

I go on, to Ludie Bakker, where I read my poems yesterday.

Like Ms Drijver and Ms Ratsma, being from the north of the city, she is only in this building, a house, for this weekend.

Besides cats, she also depicted an owl, and frogs with red eyes.

Like yesterday, I read my poems here.

A bit later, I do that as well at the home of the painters Leonore Hatt and Dick Stegenga.

Leonore reads some of her poems as well.

Then I go Saint Jacob’s Church, the “Jopenkerk”, where many artists exhibit their work this weekend.

I note a life size, so: big, silvery coloured northern pike sculpture by Ap Esenbrink.

A phone call to the Jopenkerk from the Nieuwe Kerk, where I read my poems yesterday: can I come to the Nieuwe Kerk again, to read my poems?

I do so. After my poems, flute music by the group “Dubbel en Dwars” in the Nieuwe Kerk.

There is guitar music and singing in the Jopenkerk as I return.

After it, I read poems.

I meet Gabriela Visser who makes accessories.

However, for her exhibition this weekend she has paintings.

Mainly colourful forms, similar to her accessories, against black backgrounds.

I read my poem on a bracelet here.

As my train goes back, I see Egyptian geese.

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