First osprey eggs of England about to hatch

This is a video from the USA about ospreys.

From The Observer in Britain:

Ospreys set to hatch England’s rarest egg

100 volunteers guard breeding wild birds and their reservoir nest

Juliette Jowit

Sunday May 13, 2007

Eggs from the first wild ospreys to breed in England for more than 150 years are about to hatch.

Ten years ago, a project began to release dozens of young ospreys into the wild and now the first offspring is incubating eggs, which it is hoped will hatch in early June.

This will be a happy ending for the father, one of the first birds to be released, who has spent a decade looking for a mate.

Ospreys in Scotland: here.

Osprey vs. redtailed hawk in the USA, photos: here.

Ospreys in the Middle East: here.

Ospreys in the Bahamas: here.

6 thoughts on “First osprey eggs of England about to hatch

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