Poetry and visual arts in Haarlem

This is a Dutch video about the Nieuwe Kerk in Haarlem and the area around it.

Today, on my way to the railway station, a collared dove finding food on the street.

From the train, a grey heron standing in a ditch.

A bit further, just before Voorhout station, Egyptian geese and Canada geese next to each other.

After Voorhout, more Egyptian geese.

Jackdaws just before Hillegom.

A brown bird of prey flies above a canal: a buzzard or a marsh harrier?

The train goes too fast to be sure.

Molehills in the grass.

A great crested grebe in water near Heemstede.

This weekend, in Haarlem in The Netherlands, is the Vijfhoek kunstroute (“Pentangle arts trail”).

It is in a pentangle shaped part of the inner city with many centuries old buildings.

Visual artists show their work, also in many places where there usually is no art.

Poets perform in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

Before I went to that church, I went to a house in the Vijfhoek.

Usually, people just live there.

But today, they let two artists show their works in a little used room.

They are the painter Ronnie Helder and the ceramist Sjet Daverveldt.

As I arrive, only Ms Helder is present.

She tells me she also makes drawings, but they are not here.

One of her paintings has a vase as its subject, and Ms Daverveldt also makes vases.

That is why I am here: the idea of the Vijfhoek kunstroute is that poets read their poems near works of art which preferably have a connection to the poems.

As one of my poems is about an ancient Mesopotamian vase, looted from the Baghdad museum in Iraq, I went here.

After reading that poem, I read poems about painting.

Then, Ms Daverveldt arrives, and I read my vase poem for the second time, for her.

Just as I thought about leaving, the photographer and painter Esther van Etten arrives, and I read my vase poem for the third time.

Not far away are the paintings of Anneke Peereboom, who, contrary to Ms Daverveldt and Ms Helder, lives here and always has her work here.

Her works has some influences from early twentieth painters like Miro.

I also read my poems here. The ones about painting.

Then, I read them between the paintings of Leo van Velzen.

I continue to the paintings of Ludie Bakker, who often has cats as her subject.

Then, it is time to go to the Nieuwe Kerk, where I meet Kurdish Turkish Dutch poetess Canan Yagmur at the door.

The Nieuwe Kerk was built from 1645/1649 by famous Dutch architect Jacob van Campen.

It was built especially as a Protestant church.

Contrary to Catholic churches, built focusing on the altar at the back, Protestant churches built as such focus on the pulpit in the centre, and are often more or less round in form.

So is the Nieuwe Kerk.

Before the poets started, they were interviewed by organizers Leonore Hatt and Maurice Ploem.

Maurice Ploem still remembered me from the time that he made a punk rock fanzine called Unite and Fight, and I made another punk fanzine.

So, it was not that surprising that his question to me was about a third punk fanzine, by poetess Diana Ozon, called the Koekrant.

An ambiguous name in Dutch, as it may refer both to a ´paper about cows´ and to excrement marks in a toilet.

The first poet on stage is Merik van der Torren.

His poems include one about prunes.

Then, Ak Jansen from Haarlem.

Then, Jan Sakko from Utrecht.

Then, yours truly, with for the fourth time today, my poem on the Iraqi vase, plus eleven others.

Then, last on stage, Mirjam Al.

Tomorrow I will be at the Vijfhoek kunstroute again.

Then, Ronnie Helder expects, based on last year, when it was organized for the first time, still many more visitors than today.

3 thoughts on “Poetry and visual arts in Haarlem

  1. Have just red your impression of our Arteroute de Vijfhoekkunstroute.
    It was very nice and very great of you to perform as well at the expo-places on the route and the Nieuwe Kerk.
    It is a pitty that not more poets performed on route, maybe I was not clear enough in my mails, but I am really glad that you took the intiative to performe in rooms of the exposants.

    Hope to see you in the Jacobschurch or Jopenchurch (the same Church) in the afternoon.

    with kind and warm regards,

    Leonore Hatt

    Please visit our expohouse Grote Houtstraat 142D, maybe I will read some of my own Poems.


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