Uganda: Apes Experts Warn On Mabira Forest

Lophocebus ugandae

From New Vision in Uganda:

9 May 2007

Gerald Tenywa


A UN body on environment working for the survival of apes is concerned about the proposed degazettement of Mabira Forest Reserve and Bugala Forest, believed to harbour unique monkey species.

In a statement sent to the Government, the institutions that form the Great Apes Survival Project, or GRASP, made a passionate appeal to explore alternatives.

“This committee expresses deep concern at the possible conversion of land on Bugala Island in Lake Victoria and Mabira Forest in central Uganda,” the letter read.

“Such a development, the committee believes, could have severe impact on Uganda’s forest conservation programme, as well as in certain cases-on the species of direct conservation concern to the committee.”

The committee reminded the Government that Uganda is a member of the GRASP, a signatory to the Kishasha declaration on great apes and has been chair of the GRASP executive committee.

“The executive committee expresses the hope that the Ugandan Government authorities will fully investigate all aspects of the proposals, including possible alternatives,” said the statement.

Mabira harbours an endangered monkey species that was recently discovered and not known to live anywhere else in the world.

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