Children to learn how to help save polar bears

This is a video about twin polar bear cubs in Moscow zoo.

From WWF:

Children to learn how to help save polar bears

07 May 2007

Monaco/Gland, Switzerland – WWF and Canon Europe launched today a “Save the Polar Bear” website as an educational tool to teach children about the environmental impacts of climate change.

The site — a microsite hosted on the enhanced WWF-Canon Polar Bear Tracker will have a variety of activities suitable for children aged from 7 to 11.

In fun and engaging ways, and with the aid of two animated polar bear cubs named Auro and Borea, children will learn about threats to polar bears’ habitat, about the issues and challenges of climate change, their own impact on the environment, and how they can each make a difference.

The Polar Bear Tracker was launched in 2002 by WWF’s Arctic Programme and the Norwegian Polar Institute to track polar bears in the Svalbard Archipelago.

Grizzly-polar bear hybrids: here.

Sloth bears in India: here.

Sun bears and other bears: here.

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