USA: Harlan K. Ullman, from Shock and Awe in Baghdad to the Washington madam’s brothel

This music video is called “Shock and Awe” by Neil Young.

From Wikipedia:

Harlan K. Ullman (born March 15, 1941), a United States military officer and political author.

Ullman is known as a developer of the doctrine of Shock and Awe.

Shock and Awe was the doctine behind George W. Bush‘s 2003 invasion of Iraq; when Bush on 1 May had his Mission Accomplished speech on Iraq; with thousands of US military deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths still to come, and counting.

However, gradually, as the Wikipedia article continues, Ullman developed some criticism of Bush:

in an October 2006 edition of his Washington Times column Ullman wrote, “The world indeed has changed. But not as we think.

American power and perceived omnipotence have been greatly neutralized or displaced…

This means aligning our ego with reality.

Mr. Bush once called for a more humble foreign policy. The times never demanded one more.”

Indeed, the breaking of that campaign promise of Bush in his 2000 election campaign should indeed be exposed as blatantly dishonest.

However, one may ask whether the Washington Times, owned by the “Unification Church“, popularly known as the Moonies, is the right vehicle.

Like various Bush administration bigwigs, Ullman is now implicated in the Washington prostitution scandal. Wikipedia says:

In court documents filed on April 12, 2007, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called “D.C. Madam,” identified Ullman as having been a client of her escort service during the time he was a United States Naval Commander.

The US government alleges that Palfrey’s business, Pamela Martin and Associates, was operating as a prostitution ring.

Dick Cheney and D.C. Madam affair: here.

21 thoughts on “USA: Harlan K. Ullman, from Shock and Awe in Baghdad to the Washington madam’s brothel

  1. Rep. Calvert (R-CA) caught in act with Prostitute!
    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Sat May 12, 2007 4:24 pm (PST)

    Calvert Caught In The Act With Prostitute,
    Lied, Attempted To Run From Police

    Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA), recently appointed by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) to the House Appropriations Committee, has a history of ethics violations that is stirring up battle cries even from his own conservative base. His ethics violations also extend into attempts to dodge the law and lie to the public about his behavior.

    In 1993, Calvert was caught by police with a prostitute in a parked car in California. Subsequently, Calvert repeatedly attempted to cover up the incident for nearly a year, publicly denying that it ever occurred.

    But a year later, a court order forced the release of the police report, which revealed how Calvert was clearly caught in the act and attempted to run from the police.

    From the police report :

    I observed a male subject in the driver seat. As I made my way to the driver door, a female immediately sat up straight in the front passenger seat. It appeared as if her head was originally laying in the driver’s lap. I noticed that the male subject was placing his penis into his unzipped dress slacks, and was trying to hide it with his untucked dress shirt.

    As the male subject covered up crotch area with his left hand and shirt, he started his vehicle and placed it into drive and proceeded to leave. I ordered him three times to turn off the vehicle, and he finally stopped and complied. The male identified himself as Kenneth Stanton Calvert.

    Calvert has since held onto his Congressional seat but only through smear tactics. Representing a conservative district, he put out campaign literature implying that his Democratic opponent was gay and after the prostitution incident and was subsequently re-elected.

    Read the full police report HERE .

    Filed under: Ethics



  2. Judge Lifts Injunction On ‘DC Madam’ Phone Records
    Posted by: “” citizen27106
    Thu Jul 5, 2007 8:00 pm (PST)
    Judge Lifts Injunction On ‘DC Madam’ Phone Records

    Breaking exclusive: Judge lifts injunction on ‘DC Madam’ phone records

    By Lori Price
    05 Jul 2007

    An email was sent from Jeane Palfrey to Citizens For Legitimate Government

    ‘HELLO… Judge Kessler has lifted the injunction on the phone records.’

    >From Judge Kessler’s Order: “Defendant in this case possesses a list of telephone numbers (the “List”) that has generated much controversy and speculation. The Government has twice applied to this Court ex parte for Temporary Retraining Orders (“TROs”) preventing Defendant from selling the List or from distributing copies for free. The Court granted those applications, in order to preserve the status quo, and, therefore, held a hearing to give Defendant an opportunity to respond.

    Upon consideration of the pleadings,the applicable statutes and case law, and the oral argument, the Court concludes the Defendant’s request to quash the TROs should be granted.”

    I asked Jeane Palfrey for a comment: “I am very, very grateful to Judge Kessler, for lifting the injunction.”
    –Sincerely, Jeane

    The URL for this page:


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  8. Posted by:

    “raccoon” redwoodsaurus


    Rachel Maddow video at

    March 30th, 2016

    The case of the “D.C. Madam” was, as Rachel Maddow reminded viewers last night, “explosive.” A woman named Deborah Palfrey was accused of operating an illegal escorting empire in the nation’s capitol, and though she insisted everything she did was legal and by the books, she couldn’t prove it because she never kept names or records of her clients. All she had was phone records and those that were released made for good news fodder but couldn’t save her from a possible prison sentence of over 50 years. She killed herself in 2008.

    But there are some records that weren’t released. A court order has barred Palfrey’s former lawyer and the current custodian of the records, Montgomery Blair Sibley, from releasing those mysterious records, but Sibley has been hinting lately that he just might defy the gag order.

    Sibley seems to believe that he has a few phone numbers in his collection that could have major relevance on the 2016 presidential election. Maddow explained it like this:

    Now, though, something has happened. We don’t know what, exactly, but something has happened that has made that lawyer not only want to release those old records from the D.C. Madam case, [but] he now says he plans to release those old records from the D.C. Madam case despite that still-existing court order. He says he has a right to release those records under the First Amendment. He also says he has a duty to release those records because it is now in the national interest that he do so and that he do so quickly. This is kind of amazing.

    He has filed a motion with the federal court in D.C. that issued the gag order. The court “kicked it right back to him,” said Maddow. Sibley has now appealed that rejection in an appeals court and filed a motion with the United States Supreme Court because, in his words, “time is of the essence” when it comes to releasing phone numbers that have a particular bearing on the upcoming election.

    His motion with the Supreme Court reads, “Expedited resolution of this Application is incumbent upon this Court.” He wrote that by ignoring his application, the Supreme Court would, in hindsight, appear to favor one candidate over another. Then, in a footnote, he threatened to release the records of 815 clients regardless of the Court’s decision, so it appears we will be finding out what bearing those records have on our current presidential candidates soon enough.

    Sounds like he is sitting on a goldmine, but what could it be? Could he corroborate the rumors that Ted Cruz has been unfaithful to Heidi Cruz? When The Enquirer ran their piece this weekend, they did allude to there being “a hooker” among his five mistresses. Is it another candidate? Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders? Perhaps their handlers?


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