US actor Sean Penn wants Bush jailed for Iraq war lies

Bush and the Iraq war, cartoon

From Editor & Publisher in the USA: US actor Sean Penn

railed against the Iraq war, climaxing with a charge that [ex CIA boss] George Tenet, Vice President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and President Bush himself “should be in f—ing jail” for their alleged lies to the public that led to thousands of Americans losing their lives in that war.

About a half hour later he realized he had left someone off that list, saying he “forgot about Rumsfeld.”

Penn and Chavez: here.

Blair and lies on WMD in Iraq: here.

Play on Fallujah in Iraq: here.

4 thoughts on “US actor Sean Penn wants Bush jailed for Iraq war lies

  1. mullah cimoc say ameriki needing for remember vietnam war ending.

    when last helicopter flying away the usa embassey how long before the gun of war going silent?

    Answer: 3 day and now peace more than 30 years among vietnam people. back then time usa govt and control media say the same lying excuse for continue the kill.

    special important: not the single viet cong coming for attack amerika during all this thirty year.

    now patriotc ameriki man him needing for destroy israeli spy operations in usa starting with elimination the necon sending him to iraq for living in baghdad with mccain tell evryone how safe.


  2. Hi mullah cimoc, some of your comments are spot on. However, I disagree on the pro war forces (like, today, the people named by Sean Penn in this blog entry) in the USA supposedly being instruments of “israeli spy operations”. They were not so in the wars against American Indians. They were not so in Cuba and the Philippines since 1898, and in many Central and South American countries, long before Israel existed. They were not so in later wars like in Vietnam. The Iraq war was and is, as I pointed out elsewhere on this blog, basically driven by businesses like Halliburton and others in the oil industry, weapons industry and other big business and government bureaucratic elites.

    A big part of the rulers in Israel, it is true, did support the Iraq war; partly out of “loyalty” to Big Brother in Washington, similarly to what you find in the elites of many smaller countries, members of NATO. Partly out of perceived self interest. But similarly it was in Turkey, where generals thought that as junior partner military allies of Bush they might invade Kurdish northern Iraq for their perceived self interest. However, the big anti war movement in Turkey upset the generals’ calculations. Also, somewhat similarly, in Iran parts of the elite thought a US invasion might be useful in getting rid of arch enemy Saddam Hussein. They may have second thoughts now, with Bush threatening Iran as well. But, even though, according to some sources Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi exile ally of the neocons, may have been a Iran-US double agent, that does not make the pro war party in the US tools of Iran; likewise, not of Turkey or Israel.


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