Pink sea fan corals spawn in London zoo

This video from England is called Lundy Island Marine Nature Reserve.

From the Zoological Society of London in England:

Coral sex gets conservationists excited

Monday 30 April 2007

A bit of coral sex at ZSL London Zoo’s aquarium has got conservationists hot under the collar this week.

The pink sea fans living in the aquarium at ZSL London Zoo began spawning for the first time, bringing plans to replenish coral stocks in British seas one step closer.

The pink sea fan (Eunicella verrucosa) is a coral native to the UK, and lives on rocky reefs in the South West of Britain and on the western seaboard of Ireland and grows to form colonies up to 80cm high and 100cm across.

It is one of the UK’s most spectacular corals, but is severely threatened by water pollution and bottom trawling for fish and scallops.

ZSL is working towards the long term successful spawning, fertilisation and settlement of primary polyps in captivity. If juvenile colonies can be produced in large numbers specific reefs could be re-stocked and carefully managed by conservationists.

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