How Wal-Mart violates workers’ human rights

Wal-Mart, cartoon

From British daily The Guardian:

Security cameras and HQ squads: Wal-Mart‘s union-busting tactics

· Retailer accused of flouting human rights
· Claims of harassment and propaganda

Andrew Clark in New York
Tuesday May 1, 2007

The world’s biggest retailer, Wal-Mart, will today stand accused of routinely flouting its workers’ human rights through a sophisticated strategy of harassing union organisers, discriminating against long-term staff and indoctrinating employees with misleading propaganda.

In a forensic indictment based on two years’ research, the Washington-based pressure group Human Rights Watch will lift the lid on Wal-Mart’s aggressive tactic of stamping on the slightest sign that workers are organising representation.

Evidence in Discounting Rights, a report to be published this morning, includes examples of workers forced into unpaid overtime and an alleged strategy of squeezing out long-serving staff who are more costly than low-wage, temporary, younger workers.

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2 thoughts on “How Wal-Mart violates workers’ human rights

  1. Well, I have worked at Wally world for three months now. I was not told when I got hired that in order to get their medical benefits that I had to sign up for them before two months was up. I have also got in trouble numbers of times for stupid little things like asking a co-worker what time the come in the next day or making a list of when other people in my department are coming in because the schedules are never right and they are all the time changing. I have also tried to ask for time off and have been refused every time no matter what the reason. Walmart really does suck and they honestly do not care about the impact they make on their employees.


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