Islamic punk rock playwright Sabina England interviewed

This video is called The Taqwacores Movie Trailer – Official (HD).

From British daily The Guardian:

Islamic street preachers

From Boston to Lahore and beyond, the tentacles of taqwacore – aka Islamic punk rock – are spreading. And it’s giving disenfranchised young Muslims a voice, says Riazat Butt

Saturday April 28, 2007

There can’t be that many female playwrights who are deaf, punk and Muslim, so Sabina England is something of a find.

With a lurid Mohawk and leather jacket slathered with slogans, she looks every inch the rebel and has an attitude to match.

Sabina, who says she lives in the “shitty midwest of the United States” or the “HELL-HOLE OF BOREDOM AND YUPPIES”, is part of a subculture that, until a few years ago, existed only on paper. …

The Taqwacores – a novel about a fictitious Muslim punk scene in the US – has spawned an actual movement that is being driven forward by young Muslims worldwide.

Some bands – such as the Kominas – have a cult following. Others, such as Sabina, are virtually unknown. In a brief email exchange, she lays out some harsh truths.

You’re a playwright. What do you write about?

“I write plays about fucked up people in fucked up situations, because we’re all fucked up human beings that live in a fucked up society. People need to quit whining and shut up and realise that we’re all freaks, whether we admit it or not.”

Where are your ideas from?

“Being a deaf woman from an Indian Muslim family growing up in both England and the US, I’ve never felt I fit in or belonged anywhere. So I was always forced to be an outsider, and because of this, I’d just watch people and observe their actions and words.

There were already punk bands of Pakistani background in England over twenty years ago.

In 1979, the Pakistani English punk rock band Alien Kulture (the name was an allusion to a xenophobic remark by Margaret Thatcher) brought out a recording of their song Asian Youth.

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